Sunday, May 2, 2010

Find your voting precinct

I wasn't able to vote last election because I wasn't able to find my name. The polling precincts were so disorganized that it was crazier than an Apu Tiangge Day. Hopefully, the first automated election won't be like this. I already made sure that my name is listed in the polling precinct to make sure I don't waste my day for nothing.

Here's how you can find your place of voting.

1. Go to

2. Fill in City/Municipality box

(Sample) Credit: Google

3. Fill in Precinct Number box (Your precinct number is found on your Voter's ID and/or that strip of paper that Comelec gave you as proof of registration.)

(Sample) Credit: Google

4. Click Find Voting Center button.

5. Results will give you the address of your precinct as well as the number of registered voters who will be serviced by the site.

(Sample) Credit: Google

6. Pin the location of the voting center on the map provided to help other find their precinct on election day.

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